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Founder and chief physician of the clinic Refformat
Maxillofacial surgeon, implantologist specializing in solving the most complex clinical situations, with more than 15 years of intensive practice. Author of 20 scientific publications.

The question is always relevant, from whom would you like to learn and from what training can be the maximum benefit? Our opinion is clear, you need to learn from the best in their profession. It is desirable that these experts, among other things, the most actively practiced - because manual clinical experience can not be replaced by anything else.

Maxim is a hereditary maxillofacial surgeon and implantologist. His father, Vladimir Borisovich Khyshov, is one of the pioneers and absolute authorities of Russian implantology.
"I followed in my father's footsteps, worked for many years in the Department of maxillofacial surgery. When I came to the hospital after the Institute, I was engaged not only in dentistry – there were many patients with maxillofacial injuries, with consequences after accidents, fights, there were many wounded soldiers from Chechnya, who had to carry out complex rehabilitation, and it is very delayed me. The first implants we put to restore facial deformity, this began my passion for implantology."

Active clinical work is just about Maxim. For the last 10 years he has been one of the most productive surgeons in Russia, installing about 1500 implants a year! Work in the Department of dentistry military Hospital. Vishnevsky, as well as in his new bright and spacious clinic in the center of Moscow is always boiling. The dynamics there are just incredible! "I like to work intensively. Worth it to sit down for half an hour and already hard again to get into the rhythm!"- Maxim admits.

In General-a wealth of experience and an interesting collection of clinical cases. It is important that Maxim has worked with many known implant systems and the choice of implant system, Renova, Altracore Biomedical absolutely meaningful!

We are waiting for you at his brand new revolutionary in its format course on implantology, which will be interesting for both novice doctors and those who want to get acquainted with our implant system.

Dr. Maxim Hyshov
Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgeon

Dr. Bashurov is one of the most talented implant surgeons now working in Moscow and in Russia overall.  He is creative not only in his profession, but in everyday life as well, for example, he paints fantastic art works.

In 2007, he graduated from the Amur State medical Academy with a degree in "Medical care”, in 2010 he graduated from the Moscow State Medical-Dental University with a degree in"Dentistry".

Moving forward in 2011 Artem Bashurov received his degree in "General Dentistry" from the Russian medical Academy of postgraduate education and in "Surgical dentistry" from the Russian Medical Academy of postgraduate education of Roszdrav.

Artem has an extensive experience not only in implantology, but he is also an expert in bone grafting and advanced surgical procedures. Additionally, he is a very serious expert in teeth extractions. He has his own Protocol of teeth removal in complex clinical situations. The Protocol is very interesting, optimized, and he will share it during his course.

For a long time now, he has been using Renova system in his practice and has good long-term results.

Artem Bashurov
Oral Surgeon

Dr. Krivorotov is a young, very creative, talented Clinician, a brilliant prosthodontist who makes very beautiful highly aesthetic restoration. 

He is a representative of the dynasty of dentists, great-grandson of Alexander Ivanovich Evdokimov, whose name is now called MGMSU-one of the leading universities in Russia. Anton was interested in biology and medicine since childhood, and later he entered the medical University of Saratov, took residency at the Moscow state medical and dental University. A. I. Evdokimov (msumd), then training courses and training in the United States and Israel.

Among other things, we know that most of his practice is centered around the concept of GNM, and he helps rehabilitate patients, from whom most doctors have already abandoned, who were almost impossible to help and solve their problems. He is by far the only person who has passed all the modules and passed all the exams at the courses of Occlusion Connection in Las Vegas, USA. Works together with Dr. Artem Bashurov, today they have an interesting creative tandem.

Now Dr. Krivorotov preparing its his course on occlusion and GNM concept, which he will soon introduce in conjunction with the company Altracore Biomedical.

Dr. Anton Krivorotov
GNM Prosthodontist

David Nazaryan is one of the most brilliant Russian surgeons in the field of dentistry, reconstruction and microsurgery. With his team, Doctor Nazaryan performs fantastic reconstructive surgeries at Russian Research Otorhinolaryngology Center (FGBU NKCO FMBA RF), where he is heading the department of maxillofacial and reconstructive surgery. We are honored to present Doctor Nazaryan as our new mentor!

In 2013 he got his PhD under the guidance of Doctor Karayan A.S., DDS, the topic of his thesis was“Surgical treatment of patients with jaw defects and subsequent rehabilitation of the masticatory function”’. Also in 2013 Doctor Nazaryan founded his implantology center - NKClinic.

Main fields of our expert’s scientific and practical work are:
- reconstruction of the middle area of the face with temporoparietal autografts in congenital defects and posttraumatic deformities
- reconstruction of advanced maxillary and mandibular defects with microsurgical grafts
- reconstruction of jaws using innovative 3D modeling technologies and microsurgical techniques
- orthognatic surgery
- dento-alveolar surgery and dental implantology.

Doctor Nazaryan’s experience in rehabilitation of his patients is genuinely unique and he will share it with you at the course!.

David Nazaryan
Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, Microsurgeon

Dr. Ioannis Vergoullis graduated from the Dental School of the Kapodestrian University of Athens, Greece in 1999. He received his Certificate in Periodontics and  Masters degree in Oral Biology from the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry, New Orleans, USA in 2005. 

Since 2006, Dr Vergoullis is the leading Periodontist at the Vergoullis Dental Clinic
in Rhodes, Greece and in 2010 he became a Visiting Assistant Professor of the
Periodontics Department at the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in New
Orleans, USA.

Dr. Vergoullis is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and a Fellow
and Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). He is
also an International member of the American Academy of Periodontology and the
ICOI and an honorary member of the Aesthetic Academies of Greece, Lithuania and

Dr. Vergoullis has been an invited keynote speaker in several international meetings
in Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Ukraine, Netherlands, USA
and Germany and his main topic of interest is laser assisted periodontal treatment and

Dr. Vergoullis is the co-inventor of the Cervico System by VPI and holds seven
patents in the field of Dental Implantology.

Ioannis Vergoullis
Основные темы
  • РЕГЕНЕРАЦИЯ КОСТНОЙ И МЯГКИХ ТКАНЕЙ: СОЧЕТАНИЕ РАЗЛИЧНЫХ МЕТОДИК ИЛИ ВЫБОР ОПТИМАЛЬНОЙ:- уникальный протокол уплотнения кости без костной пластики (боры Денса); - выбор резорбируемых и нерезорбируемых мембран; и т.д.
  • ЭСТЕТИКА ИМПЛАНТАТОВ : - сложные случаи установки имплантатов;- хирургия и протезирование в эстетически значимой зоне; - протоколы работы с мягкими тканям; и т.д.
  • ЦИФРОВОЕ БУДУЩЕЕ СОВРЕМЕННОЙ СТОМАТОЛОГИИ: - протокол DSD (Цифровой дизайн улыбки) от разработчика; - выбор внутриротового сканера; - Центр Планирования DSD в России; и т.д.
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