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Currently Dr. Bashurov is one of the most demanded and talented implantologists in Russia. Beside that Dr. Bashurov is a very creative person, he paints very well without having any professional education. Same creative approach he applies in his clinical work. 


Dr. Bashurov got his degree in General Medicine from Amur State Medical Academy in 2007, then, he graduated from Dental department of Moscow State Medical...

Artem Bashurov
Oral Surgeon

Doctor Krivorotov is a very talented and creative clinician with his unique life attitude, he is a prosthodontist who does advanced highly esthetic work.

He is a representative of dental dynasty, great grandson of Alexander Evdokimov, who was one of the founders of dentistry in Russia, now Moscow State Medical Dental University, one of the top Universities in Russia,  is named after him.

Dr. Krivorotov...

Dr. Anton Krivorotov
GNM Prosthodontist

Graduated from Samara State Medical University in 2004. Then finished surgical residency at the same University. 

Dr. Kopylov is working in several leading dental clinics in Moscow. He is also the owner of his dental practice MaxTreat in Moscow. He is specializing in complex reconstructive and plastic surgeries during implant treatment, immediate implant placement and immediate loading. 

He is lecturing ...

Maxim Kopylov
Dental surgeon



Dr. Hyshov is a maxillofacial surgeon and implantologist, who is specializing on rehabilitation of complex clinical cases and has over 15 years of clinical experience.  He is an author of 20 scientific publications. Dr. Hyshov is a hereditary maxillofacial surgeon  and implantologist. His father, professor Vladimir Hyshov, is one of the pioneers and unconditional authorities in Russian implantology. ...

Dr. Maxim Hyshov
Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgeon

Graduated from Novosibirsk Medical University in 1998, then finished surgical residency. 
1999 through 2003 was working as a maxilla-facial surgeon at the maxilla-facial department of the City Hospital. Since 2003 works at private practice. Started working as periodontologist, since 2004 Dr. Pakhomov works as implantologist and places several implant systems. 

Main field of interest – bone and soft tissue...

Oleg Pakhomov
Oral Surgeon
Основные темы
  • РЕГЕНЕРАЦИЯ КОСТНОЙ И МЯГКИХ ТКАНЕЙ: СОЧЕТАНИЕ РАЗЛИЧНЫХ МЕТОДИК ИЛИ ВЫБОР ОПТИМАЛЬНОЙ:- уникальный протокол уплотнения кости без костной пластики (боры Денса); - выбор резорбируемых и нерезорбируемых мембран; и т.д.
  • ЭСТЕТИКА ИМПЛАНТАТОВ : - сложные случаи установки имплантатов;- хирургия и протезирование в эстетически значимой зоне; - протоколы работы с мягкими тканям; и т.д.
  • ЦИФРОВОЕ БУДУЩЕЕ СОВРЕМЕННОЙ СТОМАТОЛОГИИ: - протокол DSD (Цифровой дизайн улыбки) от разработчика; - выбор внутриротового сканера; - Центр Планирования DSD в России; и т.д.
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