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Date: Time: Venue: Cost:
31 октября - 01 ноября 2019 Rhodes, Greece 90 000

Date: 31 октября - 01 ноября 2019


Venue: Rhodes, Greece

Cost: 90 000


Dr. Ioannis of Margulis graduated from the dental faculty of the University of Athens in Greece in 1999.

He received a certificate in periodontics and completed a residency in oral biology at the faculty of dentistry of the University of Louisiana, New Orleans, USA in 2005.

Since 2006, Dr. Margulis is a leading periodontist in the clinic, "Vergoullis Dental Clinic" on the island of Rhodes, Greece. Since 2010, he has been a visiting associate Professor of periodontics at the University of Louisiana school of dentistry.

Dr. Margulis is a member of the American Association of Periodontists, and International Congress of oral Implantologists, and a member of the American Academy of Periodontology and honorary member of the Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry Greece, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

Dr. Vergullis has repeatedly spoken at International Conferences in Greece, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, the United States and Germany, and his main area of interest is the use of lasers in periodontal and implant treatment.

He is a co-developer of Cervico, VPI System and has 7 patents for inventions in the field of Dental Implantology.

The course program

Unique practical course Ioannis Margulis on the beautiful island of Rhodes.
Dr. Vozrozhdenie will present the author's method of forming the ideal contour of eruption of soft tissues around implants "first hand".& nbsp;the Importance of gum shaper for successful treatment.

< b>Main topics of the course:< / b>

- Identification and prevention of peri-implantitis risk factors

- Familiarity with the Cervico system and its implementation in your everyday practice. The concept, which includes the optimization of the three main stages of treatment: surgical, orthopedic and laboratory.

- Familiarity with the application of protocols for the formation of long-term stable results before, after or during tooth extraction.



Day 1

09.30-10.30< / b> - Biological substantiation of long-term stable result of implantological treatment

10.30-12.30< / b> - analysis of Cervico system and all clinical protocols in case of its application in delayed implantation, one-stage implantation after tooth extraction and immediate loading

11.30-12.00< / b> - coffee Break

12.00-14.00 - Practical part

14.00-15.00 – Lunch

15.00-18.00 - Practical part

20.30 – Dinner


Day 2

10.00-12.30< / b> – "Live" operation. Discussion

12.30-13.00< / b> - coffee break

13.00-15.00< / b> - "Live" operation. Discussion

15.00-16.00< / b> – Lunch

16.00-18.00< / b> – demonstration of clinical videos and final conclusions. Discussion.

18.00 - issuance of Certificates


< b>Practical Part on the model< / b>x:< / b>

- Practical work on the application of the Cervico system and treatment concept

- Customize cervico Matrix, tailored to your needs, familiarity with the features of its application

- Application of the concept of Cervico during delayed implantation

- The Protocol of application of the methodology of taking measurements 1FPT

- Sealing of the well in the cervical region with the use of an abutment at immediate load

- Protocol of sealing the well in the cervical region in the case of a crest condom

- Protocols for the immediate manufacture of temporary structures using Cervico technology

Date: Time: Venue: Cost:
31 октября - 01 ноября 2019 Rhodes, Greece 90 000

Date: 31 октября - 01 ноября 2019


Venue: Rhodes, Greece

Cost: 90 000