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Dr. Bashurov is one of the most talented implant surgeons now working in Moscow and in Russia overall.  He is creative not only in his profession, but in everyday life as well, for example, he paints fantastic art works.

In 2007, he graduated from the Amur State medical Academy with a degree in "Medical care”, in 2010 he graduated from the Moscow State Medical-Dental University with a degree in"Dentistry".

Moving forward in 2011 Artem Bashurov received his degree in "General Dentistry" from the Russian medical Academy of postgraduate education and in "Surgical dentistry" from the Russian Medical Academy of postgraduate education of Roszdrav.

Artem has an extensive experience not only in implantology, but he is also an expert in bone grafting and advanced surgical procedures. Additionally, he is a very serious expert in teeth extractions. He has his own Protocol of teeth removal in complex clinical situations. The Protocol is very interesting, optimized, and he will share it during his course.

For a long time now, he has been using Renova system in his practice and has good long-term results.

Artem Bashurov
Oral Surgeon
  • тонкий и толстый биотип слизистой десны
  • различия в кератинизированной десне
  • методики работы с мягкими тканями при проведении имплантации
  • соединительнотканные субэпителиальные трансплантаты
  • методики забора трансплантатов
  • методики наложения швов
  • закрытие ороантрального соустья
  • обзор инструментов, необходимых для работы
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