CYTOPLAST® Ti membranes are manufactured from high density polytetrafluorethylene (d-PTFE), designed specifically to survive possible uncovering of the membrane if membrane edge is covered with soft tissue 360° around the periphery. Regentex™ material allows to increase the surface of cell attachment, improves stabilization of the membrane and prevents retraction of soft tissue.  

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titanium-reinforced polytetrafluorethylene mesh


UNIQUE CIRCULAR MACROPORE DESIGN allows direct contact between bone graft and periosteum, which contributes to reconstruction of natural revascularization and cell infiltration into the bone graft.

TITANIUM SCAFFOLD supports the space necessary for vertical and horizontal augmentation.

PTFE MESH can be easily adapted to any contour of tissue.

Density 250 mcn.

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RPM membrane is developed for use as a traditional titanium-reinforced membrane though with additional benefits. It is easy to trim and easy to adapt. The scheme of hole arrangement simplifies membrane removal.

RPM membrane should be used only if primary closure can be achieved and maintained through the healing period.

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Ti - 250

titanium-reinforced PTFE membrane


  • textured high density titanium-reinforced membrane
  • membrane is manufactured from polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE)
  • patented surface REGENTEX™ allows for better stabilization of both the membrane and the flap
  • membrane can be prepared and remodeled according to the shape of the defect
  • titanium part is pliant, which simplifies placing membrane in the defect area
  • density 250 mcn
  • 16 membrane configurations of different sizes for different defects. The doctor can trim the membrane as needed.

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