More rigid and thick bovine collagen membrane


with long-term resorption period

Resorbable RTM® membrane is used in surgeries as a material, which contributes to wound healing around implant, reconstruction of bone and periodontal defects as well as ridge augmentation. RTM® membrane is manufactured from pure Type 1 collagen, packaged in a sterile pouch, disposable.  


  • long-term resorption (26-38 weeks) allows to form stable bone tissue
  • high mechanical strength contributes to proper membrane stabilization
  • membrane can be easily trimmed to the desired size
  • both sides of the membrane can adapt to the surface of either bone or soft tissues
  • ridge augmentation
  • regeneration of bone tissue around implants
  • sinus-lift
  • sockets after extraction
  • periodontal defects
  • improves healing of bone and surrounding tissue
  • unique fiber orientation allows to achieve high strength parameters and stabilization of the membrane in the wound
  • membrane cells structure prevents epithelium growth

the thinnest porcine pericardium membrane


standard resorption period

Vitala® - membrane is manufactured from natural collagen, extracted from porcine pericardium, ideal operating quality due to easy adaptation in the defect area, flexibility and plasticity. Membrane does not have shape memory after wetting and therefore may be used in defects of any morphology. Both sides are smooth and any side can be adapted to the defect. Vitala® has 3 layers, which guarantee its maximum strength. Variety of sizes allows to choose proper membrane for any clinical situation.

Membrane is manufactured in sizes:

13х25 mm, 15х20 mm, 20х30 mm, 30х40 mm.


Vitala® acts as a barrier and serves as a bioresorbable matrix, which remodels over time, dissolves and is substituted by the host tissue. Animal studies showed that Vitala® fully resorbs by 26-th week.


Vitala® is designed for guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures as a bioresorbable barrier for:

• Simultaneous implant placement;

• Augmentation around implants immediately after tooth extraction;

• Augmentation around implants placed in the socket of the tooth extracted earlier;

• Localized ridge augmentation followed by implant placement;

• Alveolar ridge reconstruction for further prosthetic treatment;

• Filling of bone defects after root resection, cystectomy or extraction of an impacted tooth;

• Covering the window in the sinus-lift surgery;

• Furcation defects in multi-rooted teeth;

• Treatment of recessions in combination with coronally-positioned flaps;

• Guided bone regeneration;

• Guided tissue regeneration in reconstruction of periodontal defects;

• Alveolar ridge preservation after tooth extraction.

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Advanced elasticity, ideally soft structure of porcine peritoneum collagen


standard resorption period

ZMatrix® - the membrane is manufactured from natural collagen, extracted from porcine peritoneum. All extracellular components are preserved during manufacturing process, including fibronectin, laminin, elastin and glycosamineglycan. 

  • natural peritoneum collagen provides advanced elasticity of the membrane;
  • membrane adapts to the defect without sticking;
  • resorbs gradually within 26 weeks.




  • manufactured from Type 1 collagen, extracted from BOVINE Achilles tendon
  • membrane is created through engineering process (reconstructed)
  • сross-linked collagen membrane (produced by forming cross bonds among collagen fibers)
  • more rigid and solid, than traditional collagen membranes
  • longest resorption period (26-38 weeks)
  • easily adapted over the ridge, and solid enough to not collapse into the defect


  • manufactured from collagen extracted from porcine pericardium
  • native collagen membrane (of natural origin)
  • non cross-linked
  • the thinnest of all collagen membranes
  • resorbs gradually within 26 weeks
  • can be placed into the defect either hydrated or dry and then being hydrated in the defect


  • manufactured from collagen extracted from PORCINE peritoneum
  • native collagen membrane (of natural origin)
  • non cross-linked
  • most elastic of collagen membranes
  • ideally soft structure
  • gradually resorbs within 26 weeks
  • membrane adapts to the defect without sticking
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