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Date: Time: Venue: Cost:
25-26 октября 2019 Moscow 150 000

Date: 25-26 октября 2019


Venue: Moscow

Cost: 150 000


David Nazaryan

Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, Microsurgeon

David Nazaryan is one of the most brilliant Russian surgeons in the field of dentistry, reconstruction and microsurgery. With his team, Doctor Nazaryan performs fantastic reconstructive surgeries at Russian Research Otorhinolaryngology Center (FGBU NKCO FMBA RF), where he is heading the department of maxillofacial and reconstructive surgery. We are honored to present Doctor Nazaryan as our new mentor!

In 2013 he got his PhD under the guidance of Doctor Karayan A.S., DDS, the topic of his thesis was“Surgical treatment of patients with jaw defects and subsequent rehabilitation of the masticatory function”’. Also in 2013 Doctor Nazaryan founded his implantology center - NKClinic.

The course program

Doctor Nazaryan’s experience in rehabilitation of his patients is genuinely unique and he will share it with you at the course!

Day 1 (lecture) 

Choosing optimal technique of bone reconstruction depending on the clinical case.

1. History of tissue, organs and cell grafting.

2. Types of grafts: xeno-allo-auto grafts.

3. Types of grafts: monocortical blocks, cortical-trabecular grafts to thicken the alveolar process, bone vascular pedicle grafts: parietal, iliac, fibular, radial and shoulder.   

4. Types of soft-tissue grafts: transplantation of palatal flaps, rotation of palatal pedicle flaps, microsurgical vascular pedicle flaps.

5. Application of grafts: sinus-lift, augmentation of a socket or a cavity after neoplasm, elimination of atrophy increasing width and height, elimination of jaw defects.

6. Suturing of soft tissues: simple implantation: sinus-lift, bone bone grafting using blocks.


7. Equipment for comprehensive treatment: surgical instruments, diagnostics, sutures, postop therapy and cold masks.

8. Choosing optimal technique of bone augmentation depending on a clinical situation: GBR, bone blocks, bone splitting, vertical vector osteotomy.

Day 2 (hands on) 

1. What happens when a patient loses teeth? Atrophy of the alveolar process. Types and degrees of atrophy.

2. Methods for reconstruction of the alveolar process, creating optimal conditions for implantation in the given position. Clinical cases of complex rehabilitation of the patients with total defects of dentition and pronounced atrophy.

3. Стационарная практика. Microsurgical elimination of jaw defects: fibular, iliac, radial, vascular pedicle temporoparietal grafts. Hospital practice.

4. STL-modelling for fabrication of stents for implantation and bone grafting. Skeletal deformities: osteotomy of jaws in alveolar elongation and occlusal disfunction. Surgery using snents.


5. “Quality and quantity” in surgical practice. Jaw defects and comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with jaw defects. Hospital practice.


6.. CAS – computerized surgery. Using local anesthesia with or without sedation, using general anesthesia.

7. Data base for information storage and analytics.

Intensive hands on on cadavers:

1. Bone blocks harvesting from the mandible, from the maxillary tuberosity.

2. Забор костной стружки харвестерами. Collection of bone chips with bone grafters.

3. The technique of vertical osteotomy over the mandibular vascular-neural fasciculus.

4. Open sinus-lift: view from the inside.

5. Soft tissue harvesting from the palate, from the maxillary tuberosity.

6. Maxillary and mandibular osteotomy and transfer with fixation.

7. Dissection of the temporomandibular joint: view from the inside.

8. Fibular graft harvesting.

Date: Time: Venue: Cost:
25-26 октября 2019 Moscow 150 000

Date: 25-26 октября 2019


Venue: Moscow

Cost: 150 000