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Implant System


Renova® Implant System has several unique features which allow to achieve predictable long-term esthetic results. Renova® implant system was designed by a group of leading international clinicians. It is manufactured exclusively in the USA since 2003 under strict quality control. Renova implants have all major international quality certificates.



Unique shape of the implant combines the advantages of the parallel walled implants in the crestal area and tapered implants in the apex. Additional grooves increase bone-to-implant contact surface.

The apical shape provides excellent primary stability and the possibility of variable vertical positioning of the implant.

Ideal 1 mm polished titanium neck provides maximum support to the soft tissues and the back taper allows platform switching.

RMB surface

Unique biocompatible coating

Unique biocompatible surface guarantees full patient security due to absence of acid etching in the manufacturing process. Blasting with ceramic calcium phosphate is a much safer and eco friendly technology to achieve roughness.

ASTM-86 passivation protocol is an international standard, it guarantees the removal of particles from the surface, while absence of acid atching does not affect fatigue strength of titanium.

250% more bone-to-implant contact.

Rough titanium surface - wide clinical use since 1997, 98% success rate.

Bone, cells and blood vessels are clearly seen on the border-line of bone-to-titanium surface. No signs of inflamed cells or fibrous tissues, bone ingrows into every cavity of the RBM surface.

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